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Fraud, Waste & Abuse

  1. Fraud Hotline
    1-844-38FRAUD (37283)
  2. Email Fraud Hotline
  3. Report Fraud In Person
    City Hall
    300 W Walker Street,
    League City, TX 77573
  4. Postal Mail
    City Auditor
    Fraud, Waste & Abuse
    300 W Walker Street,
    League City, TX 77573
  5. Fraud, Waste & Abuse Form
    Financial Accountability is a top priority for the City of League City. In order to encourage the early reporting of fraud, waste and abuse, the League City Office of the City Auditor has implemented and operates the City of League City Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline and online form. To report fraud, waste or abuse related to the City of League City, please use the form below. You may choose to remain anonymous.
  6. Do you have evidence such as documents, photographs, letters, electronic data, purchase order numbers, invoice numbers, license plate or City vehicle numbers, or anything else to substantiate the activity?*
  7. May a member of the Office of Internal Audit contact you to discuss your concerns in more detail?*
  8. *Contact information fields are optional unless you wish to be contacted by the Office of the City Auditor.
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